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A space where I can share the things that feed my soul in hopes you will share the things that feed yours. 

4 Ingredient Banana Bread You'll Go BANANAS For!

Megan Nadin 9/5/2020

A few years ago I stumbled across the 3 ingredient healthy pancake: Bananas, Eggs and Baking Soda. After diving into that recipe and being pleasantly surprised; it's been in my mental cookbook ever since!. Since then I’ve taken these three ingredients, added rolled oats to the list and toyed around with the measurements to make an array of healthy sweet treats. Out of all the ones I’ve made so far, my favourite has been this BANANA BREAD!

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Megan Nadin 7/16/2020

Have you ever avoided answering a phone call from a certain someone because you knew that by the time you hung up you’d feel drained? …Or maybe even avoided attending a certain event or an encounter with someone you know because by the end you knew you’d feel wiped out? We all avoid certain people, places and situations (even the ones we love) because sometimes we just don’t have the extra energy to give. And that’s ok…


BUT…What if I told you we don’t always feel drained because of the extra energy we’re giving and instead because of the extra energy that is being taken from us, as well as some not so great energy that is being left behind; like muddy footprints left on a fluffy white rug. Whether we believe it or not, everyone and everything is made up of energy or “vibes” and it’s up to us to protect ours. 


Over the past few years, I’ve been lucky enough to learn some pretty cool ways to protect, save and replenish my energy. I’ve noticed a difference. I’ve shared these SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE  tricks with friends and they’ve noticed a difference too. Now I’m going to share them with you in hopes that you may find one that resonates or works for you. So, here it goes….

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Don't Feed the Fears

Megan Nadin 7/13/2020

Don't Feed the Fears

I’ve been wanting to start a Blog for a really long time, but I’ve always talked myself out of it. Afraid of rejection, judgement, and truthfully, the idea that no-one would really give a sh*t. Talking myself down and out before even giving it a real shot. I think as humans we all have a way of self-sabotaging; we’re our own worst critics. With that being said, yes, let's be honest - there are people that will pass judgement on us. But let’s make this clear: the judgement they’re handing out like free samples in the food court, stems from their OWN SH*T. Not ours. As long as we’re doing our BEST and coming from a place of love and integrity, thats all that really matters. Their thoughts about us really shouldn’t concern us. If there is something you’ve been wanting to do or try for a while but have been talking yourself out of, this is your sign to DO IT. Don’t let fear stop you.

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