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Canadian artist and songwriter, Megan Nadin, spent two decades writing songs behind closed doors and between diary entries, keeping her dreams of sharing them in the back of her mind and away from anyone that knew her.


In 2013, this all changed after Nadin spent time living in Cambodia teaching children in a small village on the outskirts of Siem Reap, where shared her hidden love of music with the children she spent her days with. Quickly, her songs became a part of the day the children couldn't go without.


Returning back to Canada, this experience along with her long kept “secret” started to spread among family and friends who encouraged her to start sharing it with anyone who would listen.


In 2018, Nadin was discovered by a development company based out of Nashville, TN, introducing her to a world of singing and songwriting that reached far past the four walls of her bedroom.

In the years to follow, Nadin was offered a writing contract that would have her make a permanent move to the Music City where she now lives in pursuit of bringing the songs she both sings and writes to life.


Nadin's goal is to amalgamate her passions of music, advocacy and activism to create a platform that allows her opportunity to provide change and a voice for those much like the children she spent time with in Cambodia that inspired this new found journey.