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Megan Nadin · Beautiful Things
Megan Nadin · Beautiful Things
This song serves as a reminder that beautiful things do come together when it's all falling apart.

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Hanging onto what WAS with the hope and expectation that it will be what IS, isn't good for anyone. Sometimes we just have to LET GO.

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Gypsy Sea is a song about going back to a place of pure and utter bliss that you once felt with someone you love, someone that will hold a place in your heart for eternity.



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Megan Nadin is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Thunder Bay, Canada with a truly identifiable voice, both captivating and inspiring. Her mission? To be an honest and authentic voice to those in need. To provide hope through altruistic platforms, which she knows can and will change lives. While Megan’s vocal prowess and ability to emote is often interpreted as a seasoned professional, many are surprised to learn this emerging artist only began her musical journey in 2017.


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Know that if we work to be the best version of ourselves..
it will be enough.

We are enough.

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Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now (Cover) - Megan Nadin

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